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You decide what you want to focus on during your mentoring session.
This may include posing, building a portfolio, time schedules, dealing with difficult situations, editing, pricing, branding & marketing etc.
It’s your time to focus on what you need to help make your business a success.
You can choose between in-person or Skype.
R850 per hour; minimum 4 hours required for the first session.

Please email me at to book your seat.

“Doing a Stella Uys one-on-one mentor session will definitely count as one of the highlights of my photography journey.   We can never stop growing and learning, and spending time with a photographer like Stella is a privilege.  I believe attending a workshop or training session should aim to grow and increase your vision and not make you doubt yourself. This is what I found in Stella’s mentoring. She poured himself into every moment of the session. Her willingness to share herself, her knowledge and her experience is unique. She is wonderfully practical in her approach. This is a session that will stimulate your mind to open to new ideas and teach you to think logically in approaching a wedding. She is patient and kind and listens very carefully to every question and concern. It is well balanced and what I appreciate most is that you can walk out of the session not thinking how am I going to become a Stella Uys clone but how can I incorporate what I have been exposed to, into being me and improving my business and service to my client. It has been a confirming and enlightening experience . A worthwhile investment.”  -Hannah

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